9w RBG + White color, 2.4G remote control LED, E27

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9w RBG White color, 2.4G remote control LED, E27
9w RBG White color, 2.4G remote control LED, E27 9w RBG White color, 2.4G remote control LED, E27 9w RBG White color, 2.4G remote control LED, E27
RGBw bulb (LED)
Product Code#:RBGw9
9w RGBw / E27 / 2.4G remote Control / Adjust white and 100+ colors / Adjust brightness.


Type: E27 bulb

Brightness: Dimmable (by remote control)

Watt: 9w

Color of light: RGB + white (choose over 100 colors, and daylight white for normal bulb function.)

Lumen: 1089 (12w = 90w) est.

Group control: Allow to set bulbs in 4 groups and control individually (Good for restaurants, hotel, caf, bars, and areas lighting control)

Added function: Night light (for elderly and children)

Input: AC 100-240v / 50-60 Hz

Case Materials: PC, aluminum, and metal

Energy saving: 80% + (with dimmable)

Warranty: 2 years

Time for party! This is our highly recommended professional bulb for all eateries, hotels, bars, and other commercial areas. Some buyers call it bulb-of-the-future. It is control with 2.4G frequency, provide quick and accurate setting. Programmable grouping function to cater different lighting areas. Perfect for retailer with theme design, over 100 color can be tune to match the theme of products. It has a plus pure daylight white bulb, reaches to 12w. After blinking birthday or Christmas song, you just need one press of the button to set the bulb back to normal daylight brightness. The bulb also come with pre-program mode to choose different blinking pattern light. It is the bulb with maximum lighting function you can think of, this is a must have for all retailing businesses. It assists you promote your products, and most important of all, make your customers HAPPY! In the day of her birthday, suddenly the entire restaurant lightings blinking in a mood, and comes in a birthday music, with cheerful faces of families and friends, they will have to remember your special catering for the rest of their life. Imagine, with 1 click, you can tune your pubs into purple light, and turn the entire place into Ladys Night.

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